Unplanned Compost Garden

Last fall I bought a 3 bin wire composter from gardener’s supply. www.gardenerssupply.com I love looking at their catalogs.  I get as excited when they arrive as I did when the Sears Christmas Wish Book arrived when I was a kid.  I decided on this one because I wanted it to be directly on the ground so the nearby struggling orange trees would benefit from the close proximity to the composter.  I also liked the idea of having the 3 bins so that I could have compost at different stages.  Even now, I still don’t know a whole lot about what I’m doing.  I’m going by advice I’m getting from my mother in law who is a complete natural at all of this.  I’m still trying to figure out the ratio of vegetable and fruit scraps to leaves, grass etc.  My only problem I’m having is that I’m a little short to be able to use my little pitchfork to turn the compost in the bin.  I think I’m going to have to start getting a little step ladder so I can get a little leverage.

I really hadn’t paid a whole lot of attention to my compost bins from the fall.  I decided I needed to tend to them a bit better if I wanted to have any compost for my new plants when I discovered this:


It was like Jack and the Beanstalk.  I swear it grew overnight!  I had no idea what this was.  It looked like pumpkin or zucchini but I knew I hadn’t put any of that into the compost bin.  These vines were clearly coming out of the compost bins and as you can see…very healthy!  The more I looked the more I was convinced that it was butternut squash and I had put the scraps of that in the compost in the fall.


Sure enough, it’s butternut squash!  There were a ton of blossoms!


And tomatoes!….lots of them!  As you can see, they are making it a bit hard to actually get to my compost bin.  I kept thinking I may just have to cut some of this back so I can get to it but as of now I haven’t had the heart to.  I’m really interested in seeing how these taste when they are grown from such a rich fertile place.


More progress tomorrow!