About Me

It’s hard to describe myself to give anyone a good picture of what I’m “about”.  I love junk food with a passion that knows no bounds, love technology and the creature comforts but I am also more than a little obsessed about growing organically, living off grid, and eating my own chickens’ fresh eggs every morning.  I’m happily married with 2 daughters.  One is grown up and married and one is about to start kindergarten.  I was a fashion design major and have owned 2 children’s clothing companies.  I have been a figure finisher at Walt Disney Imagineering and am proud to say that I have draped, drafted, and fabricated many animatronic figures in all of the Disney parks around the world.  I want this blog to be about this new venture of mine which is to create something amazing and wonderful in my back (and front) yard.  I want to make things grow.  I want as many fruit trees as I can fit.  I want to grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits even ones that I don’t like.  Maybe I’ll like them now…I want to do all of this while not feeling guilty about the fact that I like to start my day with an ice cold coca cola in my hand.  I know, it really should be my 8th glass of water but…baby steps right?  Bottom line…I want to grow enough food in my back yard that I can actually see a difference in our grocery bill and it’s not just a fun novelty to post a picture of 2 cucumbers, 8 carrots, 3 chili peppers, and a strawberry.  I want all the information that my Dad shared with me about pruning roses, planting Narcissus bulbs, planting strawberries to have meant something.

Here goes…


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