Almost Done!

The last of the “before” pictures before the wedding.

more back yard 3

The terracing is taking shape and it looks amazing!

more back yard 4

The fencing is going up to define each terrace.  I never would have thought of this but it looks amazing!  This fencing gave us different zones so each area can have a different purpose.

more back yard 5

We repurposed these stepping stones.  My dad must have had an amazing love of stepping stones because they were everywhere in the yard, even places where you didn’t need a stepping stone.  Stepping stones that led to nothing really.  Positioning these took a bit of time.  It was like trying to find the right place for the sofa….a little to the left…no…down and a little to the right….

more back yard 6

I love the crisp look of white trim and white fencing and I was not disappointed with the way it turned out.

more back yard 7

Tessa and I finally decided on a shade of paint for the gazebo.  The colors of her wedding were turquoise and coral.  We decided early on that we wanted a shade of turquoise, a nice cool color for the gazebo.  But, getting the right shade proved challenging because the samples we kept putting up made it look like Disneyland in the 60’s.  We finally found this color which isn’t turquoise at all but had enough blue in it that it tied everything together.  It worked perfectly!  Definitely not a neutral but it allowed the turquoise and coral accents to really pop.

more back yard 8

Originally, we planned to completely strip the doors and paint them in shades of coral with touches of turquoise but we just ran out of time.  When we showed one of the vendors they said they thought it was on purpose and was “shabby chic”.  So, completely by mistake we created a shabby chic entrance to the back yard.

more back yard 9

There is nothing quite as transforming as going from dirt to green grass in a day.  The sod was laid and it changed the whole back yard in an instant.  I couldn’t stop looking at it.  The grass has never been as green as it was when they laid they sod and it probably never will be but for that week it was amazing and beautiful!

more back yard 10

Transformation complete!

So, here we are a week before the wedding.  I know, for any of you who know about laying sod you will know that this beautiful grass is not going to last because in a week we will have 125 people walking all over it.  Sadly, the sod was laid down 2 weeks too late.  It hurts a bit to know that much of it died but to save myself from too much anguish I just call it a rental….a wedding rental like the chairs and the tables and then I only weep a little for my beautiful lawn that I had for such a short time.

Next post will be the wedding!


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