Back yard makeover in progress

As promised yesterday…more before pictures of the wasteland that was our backyard.



This was the uninspiring entrance to the back yard.


Sitting here trying to figure out how to tag this.  Ugly is the only word that comes to mind.


As you can see our front yard didn’t look half bad.  The paint job had definitely seen better days but it didn’t look as bad as the back of the house.  If it hadn’t been for the wedding I would’ve waited to paint the house but it was a great excuse to have it done.


The terracing begins!  I cannot tell you how exciting it was to watch this happen.  Every evening we would all come out and marvel how amazing it looked each night.  Imagine this….We thought this was amazing at the time!


Primer is just primer but it was a beautiful change compared to what was there before.  Just this little change made such a difference in the way the back yard felt…lighter and brighter and for me, happier.


More progress tomorrow!



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